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Dr. Oscar James Cooper

His Life

Honorable Dr. Oscar James Cooper was born in Washington, DC. Upon finishing the elementary schools of Washington, in 1909 Cooper entered Howard University, where he obtained his baccalaureate degree in 1913 and his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1917. Some of the academic subjects proved little interest for him because his all-absorbing interest in college was Biology. His aptness and proficiency along this line drew him to Professor Just, who was teaching Biology at Howard. So accomplished was Brother Cooper in this subject that he was made a laboratory assistant in Biology.

Brother Cooper thus was the link, between our other Founders, all Juniors, in the fall of 1911, and Professor Just, the eminent, young (only 5 years Cooper’s senior), Associate Professor, who advised the three young pioneers… Cooper, Coleman and Love.

Brother Cooper early on showed that he believed both in work and in pleasure. He liked to work; to work hard for the achievement of great ends, but he also liked to socialize. Accordingly, in the founding of Omega, Brother Cooper worked unsparingly along with the other Founders many a night until late in the morning.

Upon completing his medical studies, Brother Cooper settled in Philadelphia and worked untiringly and persistently until he built up one of the most lucrative practices to be found among the physicians of Philadelphia, practicing medicine for 50 years. His contributions and awards in the field of medicine were many.

He maintained an excellent general library and an excellent medical library. It was a real inspiration to tour these libraries and through his office. Brother Cooper was ever discovering new techniques in his field and efficiently applying them. He went on like his friends to serve Omega until his dying day in 1972.


Ω Chapter: Founder Cooper is interred at Whitemarsh Memorial Park, Ambler, PA.

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